Cush Core Pro Single 27.5"
Cush Core Pro Single 27.5"

Cush Core Pro Single 27.5"

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CushCore Pro 27.5" - The market's most advanced inserts?

There are many different tire inserts on the market today, but in our opinion, few come close to CushCore. While many other simpler "sausages" only focus on protecting the rims, CushCore offers far more benefits. On the one hand, the protection they provide is hard to beat, but in addition, these also help to provide better stability in curves, better feel and they also have a low weight in relation to their properties. Considering this, it is not surprising that it is often this insert that is mounted on the bikes belonging to those who stand at the top of the podium at the World Cup.

The CushCore looks like a crescent, and is located at the bottom of the rim and extends up over the rim edges. This partly results in low weight, but not least it means that more than half of the tire is still free of air, which means that the tire still feels as flexible and grippy as if you were driving without an insert. A big difference to many other "round" inserts where the "sausage" can give a feeling that the tire is getting harder thanks to the fact that the tire cannot be compressed as much before the insert stops. Thanks to a unique material that, despite its low weight, requires a lot of force to compress, the protection is exceptionally good, even though it is a relatively thin part that lies between the rim edge and the tire. Tests have shown that CushCore reduces the force of hard impacts by as much as 50%.

CushCore enables lower air pressure which provides better grip and lower rolling resistance

With these inserts, you can lower the air pressure in the tires, which is the most important aspect to improve the tire's grip on the ground. Lower air pressure means that the tire has a larger surface area against the ground, and that it molds better to the surface and thus grips it better.

Many people believe that lower air pressure automatically means higher rolling resistance. This is absolutely true in some cases, not least on smooth surfaces. But in the woods where the ground is uneven, it's generally the other way around, as a lower air pressure makes the tire roll smoother and absorb the bumps, instead of bouncing on top of them. But above all, a lower air pressure means that the feeling is significantly better and that you save energy as the bike rolls more smoothly. CushCore's tests show that the suspension improves by 16% thanks to the fact that you avoid hard impacts and can lower the pressure.

Better stability in the curves with CushCore

Anyone who has tried to drive with really low air pressure has noticed the problem that the tires want to roll properly in the curves. Thanks to CushCore's unique design and material, this rocking is eliminated. the insert presses the tire against the tire wall, which according to CushCore's tests provides 35% more stability in the curves. Perfect for those who drive hard in the bike park, are a little heavier or like to drive with really low tire pressure.

- Cush Core acts as an additional shock absorber, which protects the rim and tire from impact
- Allows you to run with lower tire pressure, resulting in better grip and in some cases better roll.
- Holds the tire in place and reduces roll, further improving the ability to drive with low air pressure
- Fits 27.5" tires with a width of 2.1 to 2.6 inches
- Fits rims with an inner width of 22-35 millimeters
- Weight: 250 grams
- Single pack

- 1 pc CushCore Pro 27.5" inserts
- 1 pc specially adapted tubeless valves
- Assembly instructions

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